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(*Images are for demonstration only, condition and style of equipment may differ)

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Equipment Hire Booking Request

All you have to do is fill in the form below to request a hire

For multiple day hires/long term hires we can provide discounts so please be as detailed as possible.

*You will need to provide a Valid Licence and Credit Card upon pickup in the name of the hirer.

*We will not allow equipment to leave with another person who did not book the hire.

*All Hires are to be paid in full before items can be booked in or picked up.

*2 day/Weekend hires are charged at 1.6x day rate, 1 Week hires are charged at 3.5x day rate.

*If you require insurance from our provider, a 15% fee of the total hire will be charged.

*Credit card fees are charge at 1.75%