Edit / Colour / Mix / master / deliver IN A PROFESSIONAL SUITE

Need a professional Edit suite to work on your project?

we have professional Suites setup with state of the art equipment and software for you to create and finish your project.

Our Edit Suite includes the following in a day rate.

- MacPro - 8 Core processing, 6 GB Graphics card, 64 GB Ram, SSD system drive, USB 3 for fast transfer, Thunderbolt,

- 2x 40" Displays - Work on the main 4K display giving you plenty of screen area while watching real time playback on our 2K reference monitor running on a black magic intensity Pro so you see the colours everyone else will see.

- 5.1 Surround sound mixing - Mix your project on our 5.1 surround sound setup. Calibrated Yamaha monitors to your seating

- Avid MC Mix Panel - Mix with your hands with 8 active faders

- Wacom One Tablet

- EFM Internet connection gives you 1:1 contention ratio to the internet for fast download and upload speeds.